Four Key Strategic Elements

Core Pillars

How the Program Benefits You

By getting involved in Legacy Business Leaders, you will:

  1. Receive high level business training from top Christian business leaders
  2. Learn what the Bible has to say about business and develop a closer walk with God
  3. Develop skill sets to accelerate and increase your success and influence in the business world
  4. Be a part of a safe, confidential environment for like-minded business leaders to build authentic peer relationships
  5. Receive candid feedback on your personal, professional, and spiritual challenges by mature Christian business leaders

A Few Notes & Guidelines

At this time, our program is NOT intended for:

  1. non-profit leaders
  2. first-time start-up entrepreneurs who have been in business less than a year
  3. direct sales agents
  4. network marketers
  5. manufacturing sales representatives
  6. realtors working for franchise real estate organizations
  7. financial advisors working for franchise financial organizations

Also, Kingdom Business Leaders is not a networking organization. We understand that business opportunities might occur organically, but we prohibit overt networking and solicitation. Our desire is to provide a safe place for business leaders to connect, learn, and gain insights from others, without concern that they will be sales targets. The current groups curriculum is specific to business owners only. We hope to expand the curriculum to include corporate leaders in the future.

Developing Leaders

For Key Leaders and Executives

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Business Owners

For Business Majority Owners

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Legacy Masterminds

For Legacy Business Leaders Graduates

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