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Three Key Strategic Elements

Core Pillars

How the Program Benefits You

By getting involved in Legacy Business Leaders, you will:

  1. Receive high level business training from top Christian business leaders
  2. Learn what the Bible has to say about business and develop a closer walk with God
  3. Develop skill sets to accelerate and increase your success and influence in the business world
  4. Be a part of a safe, confidential environment for like-minded business leaders to build authentic peer relationships
  5. Receive candid feedback on your personal, professional, and spiritual challenges by mature Christian business leaders

A Few Notes & Guidelines

At this time, our program is NOT intended for:

  1. non-profit leaders
  2. first-time start-up entrepreneurs who have been in business less than a year
  3. network marketers
  4. manufacturing sales representatives

Also, Legacy Business Leaders is not a networking organization. We understand that business opportunities might occur organically, but we prohibit overt networking and solicitation. Our desire is to provide a safe place for business leaders to connect, learn, and gain insights from others, without concern that they will be sales targets.

Key Leaders

For Key Leaders, Executives, & Managers

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Business Owners

For Business Majority Owners

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Legacy Masterminds

For Legacy Business Leaders Graduates

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